WTH Am I Doing or Personal Strategic Planning

I’m two weeks, okay maybe just a week, later than I had planned to be on starting this project. But it is “summer” and working 10 hour days and working on some home repairs and just general procrastination are my lame reasons. :) The good news is that I am starting a new personal growth project that will help me bring some of the above under control.

We recently held a strategic planning retreat for our division. It was a very good day! This project is inspired by a “warm-up” activity that my colleague Verne lead us through at the beginning of the day. The crux of the activity was to get us thinking about how, when, and where we may have used strategic planning in our professional and personal experiences. Hmm, personal, that’s interesting. Based on some goals that I have and recent events I thought that a personal strategic plan just might be what I need to help me regain some focus.

So welcome to the second “planning” session! In the first session I did some reading about personal strategic plans. I have listed those resources at the end of this post.

I am going to focus first on my professional strategic plan. I have a multitude of goals, opportunities, challenges, and ideas floating around right now and I want to bring all of them into focus to decide what is really important. My first step is revisiting my Professional Mission Statement. I created the mission statement as part of my portfolio for grad school and have updated it twice since then.

I shall bring together my experience, education, strengths, and quest for knowledge to facilitate a safe and nurturing environment for individuals to learn. No person will be denied the right to be treated with respect and to know hir is valued. I will strive to meet each person where hir is developmentally and assist hir in establishing hirs own vision of the future. I will ask for guidance and feedback from those around me so that I can learn from my mistakes.  I will do my best to remember that I can gain nothing in my professional life without giving something first, to earn the respect of my colleagues, supervisors, and mentors. I will achieve this by assuming and sustaining a role that entails continuously exploring theories, technologies, and scholarship, and integrating those that effectively and efficiently enhance my work and personal life. I will strive to develop a data and results driven practice that focuses on outcomes and aligns with the strategic plans of the institution, my department, and my position. 

I’m satisfied with this statement, but is that enough. Do I find it challenging? Does it convey who I am and what I want to be known for? So skip this next part if you don’t want to glimpse the inner workings of my mind!

  • The first sentence is good and I believe in that, but do I really need it as part of my mission statement?
  • Yes, it is important for me to treat everyone with respect and to help them know they are valued. I am pretty sure I will keep this sentence, but I think I may be able to remove the following sentence about meeting a person where hir is – because the the valued statement encompasses it?
  • Learning from my mistakes stays. I want to be known for continuing to learn, develop, and grow as a person and a professional.
  • The next few sentences – I wonder if they are necessary. Yes, I believe in them but do they belong in a mission statement?
  • The last sentence stays. I have learned that I find being data driven and aligning my outcomes are very important to me. It is a struggle when those items do not match-up.
  • What else do I want to include? What else speaks to what I strive for?
    • I want to be known as beyond reliable. If I say I am going to do something, email something, follow through on something I want others to trust and know that I will do so.
    • I want to be known as someone who respectfully challenges the status quo. What does the data tell us? Are we assessing it correctly?  Is the process working? Do we need to seek improvements? Can we make minor changes or do we need to overhaul it?
    • I am a confident professional woman, when I’m not arguing with my inner critic and fighting my internal crippling insecurity (ha). Tara Mohr and the wonderful communities of  #WLSALT and sawomenlead.com are my inspirations, mentors, and role models.

So over the next few days I am going to be thinking about my mission statement and what I need to take away and add. I may or may not continue to blog that process, but do stay tuned for the revised mission statement and the next step! Plus, feel free to comment. Encouragement, feedback, resources, and constructive criticism welcome!


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